Chinese worker rescued by HOME from being forcefully repatriated by employer

Comment: Acting Manpower Minister Tan Chuan-Jin vows that he will protect foreign workers from unfair treatment. [link]. We shall see what action he will take against such employers.

Yahoo! News Singapore, 22 Dec 2012
On Wednesday, just after lunch time, they came for him at the dormitory. “Pack up your things,” he was ordered. Being a migrant worker in Singapore, he did not want to risk any trouble and did as he was told. His colleagues were too afraid to do anything to help him and could only look on.
He was put in a mini-bus, and was guarded by three men from apparently a repatriation services company engaged by his employer. Destination: unknown. The trip, he says, lasted about half an hour. Being unfamiliar with Singapore, he did not know where he was being taken, and was naturally afraid. “The men looked fierce,” he said later..
When they arrived at the destination, he was led to the second floor of the building. There, he was put in a room which he said was dark with just a small light, and he was told by one of the men, “Your boss will come and sort out matters with you.” Full story

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