A website that tracks Singapore's rail network failure


Data is collected from online news and the websites of the two rail operators, SMRT and SBS Transit, as well as SMRT’s Twitter feed. Online sources are preferred because every data point can be linked for citation. The data is stored in a public Google Spreadsheet. If you wish to use the dataset, please link back to this site for acknowledgement.
SMRT does not tweet all train service withdrawals, only those that have material impact on commuters. Hence, while complete information on train operating performance is not publicly available, this site's data is a valid subset of the records held tightly to the chest by the service operators. Still, SMRT deserves credit for giving better customer service through transparency. In contrast, SBS Transit does not yet have a Twitter account, and its SMS alert service does not report minor delays -- at times it even has to piggyback on SMRT's tweets to disseminate important information on developing situations. Consequently, SMRT received a lot of flak from angry commuters concerning service disruptions not of their own making.