20 Indian and Chinese construction workers went on strike at Yishun site over non-payment of salaries, MOM's refusal to help

Yahoo! News Singapore, 18 Dec 2012
Some Indian construction workers in Yishun stopped working on Tuesday, joining colleagues from China who put down their tools a month ago to demand payment of their salaries.
Together there are about 20 workers of Sime Chong Construction Pte Ltd. who are refusing to work.
Four of the 20-odd workers have decided to speak up. Each of them is owed a range of between S$2,400 to S$5,600 in salaries.
The men say they have been told by their employer that the company has no money and thus could not pay them. "But the construction project is still carrying on," one of the men says, pointing to the ongoing construction of some HDB flats in Yishun where they are located, and which the company is involved in.
They say they have also approached the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) for help but to no avail so far. "The Manpower Ministry says if the company doesn't want to pay us, there is nothing it can do," one of the workers says. The rest nodded their heads in agreement.  Full story

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