OPINION: Opposition supporters getting increasingly disenchanted with The Workers' Party

Malaysia Star, 20 Oct 2012
The Workers Party is no more an aggressive party like during the days of its former leader, the late J.B. Jeyaratnam, and its supporters have been turning against it on the grounds that it is too meek or timid in its enhanced role in parliament.
“What the heck have you guys been doing since you were voted into Parliament?” demanded an irked supporter.
Instead of major issues like the high cost of living and alleged treatment of Singaporeans, another fan accused WP of being more interested in flippant subjects like bird droppings and traffic offences.
“The WP performance has so far been disappointing to people who are hoping it can be the PAP counter-weight,” said Harry Li.
“Patience is already wearing off. Please WP, be mindful of those supporters’ hope and don’t further erode this hope.” Full story