OPINION: DPM Tharman's claim needs to be examined closely

Diary of A Singaporean Mind, 20 Sep 2012
If young Singaporeans can retire properly on their own CPF in the future, it contradicts a major assertion made by the PAP govt on the need to import more foreigners. The key reason given for importing foreigners is there will be fewer younger people working to support the elderly in the future[Link]
I think Singaporeans really need to think hard and connect the dots...they have to see through the propaganda that is crafted to make us support various govt schemes and policies. While Minister Tharman tells us we will be able to retire under the CPF scheme, the National Population and Talent Division (NPTD) says we need foreigners to come in order to support our elderly. Both can't be true at the same time....but both need to be true for the PAP to avoid changing its policies on CPF and import of foreign talent. Full story

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