Disappointed with Ong Ye Kung's inaction, SMRT bus drivers petition directly to Lim Swee Say to get back 5-day work week

inSing.com, 10 Aug 2012
A small group of bus drivers from SMRT have sent a petition to labour chief Lim Swee Say saying they want to go back to working a five-day week.
In the letter of appeal, the drivers said that while the pay increase was welcomed, adding an extra day of work to the week was "a vital misunderstanding and lack of consideration". They cited that the five-day work week was implemented by the company’s management in 2005 to enable workers to have work-life balance.
The drivers pointed out that although their pay has increased by $225, their average daily income was reduced with the extra work day. For example, a driver who earns $1,300 a month or more would see his average daily income changed to $58.65 a day, compared to the $60 received before the pay increment. Full story

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