Certis CISCO warns clients not to make any public statements as cases of lost items in safety boxes rose to eight

Stomp.com.sg, 16 Aug 2012
Eight reports of items being lost from Certis CISCO safe boxes have been lodged in the past three weeks since one of its customers, Mr Tham Choon Kan, reported that $40,000 worth of jewellery went missing from his safe box on July 11.
A Certis CISCO spokesman confirmed that the report had been lodged by Madam S. E. Goh, 50.
The claim relates to a diamond bangle and a cat's-eye ring, which Madam Goh found missing from her box in June, and made a police report a month later.
A letter from the security company was delivered to Madam Goh at 10pm on Tuesday (Aug 14) to remind her to check her home and office for the lost items.
STOMPer Jean, who ascertained with STOMP that Madam Goh is her mother, had made a post about the letter that said that her mum should not make any public statements or approach the media during the police investigation.
Madam Goh said, "I was hoping that they had found my jewellery and were bringing them to me, but they gave me a letter telling me to keep mum and asked me to sign an acknowledgement slip. It is very tactless on their part to treat clients like that."
In a press statement, the Certis Cisco spokesman said that clients who issue public statements raise "undue concerns and panic" over the security of its facilities. Full story

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