Taipei Envoy Vanessa Shih angered Lee and other high-ranking officials by contacting WP MP Chen Show Mao - report

The China Post, 27 Feb 2012
Dismissing rumors about the reasons for her recent re-assignment to Taipei, Taiwan's outgoing representative to Singapore, Vanessa Shih, said Saturday that “the truth and the facts” will come out eventually.
Taiwan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed recently that Shih will be re-assigned to the ministry's headquarters in Taipei, but it declined to confirm newspaper speculation that she is being assigned back home due to Singapore's unhappiness with her.
Taiwan's daily China Times speculated earlier this month, citing anonymous sources, that Shih angered Singapore's founding father Lee Kuan Yew and other high-ranking officials with a series of actions.
These actions include singing the Republic of China national anthem and hanging the national flag at a public reception celebrating the R.O.C. centennial, as well as making contact with Chen Show Mao, a member of the opposition Workers' Party. Full story

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