Foreign workers willing to settle for S-Pass at lower pay scale in anticipation of employment pass changes

The China Post, 14 Dec 2011
SINGAPORE -- With less than three weeks before stricter qualifying criteria for the Employment Pass (EP) kick in, some foreign job-seekers are prepared to settle for lower-level permits which come with less pay.
Malaysian Chia Teck Guan, 32, who left Singapore in 2009, rates his chances of getting another EP as 50-50 and said he does not mind working on an S Pass instead. The minimum qualifying monthly salary for this mid-skilled pass was raised to SG$2,000 in July, from SG$1,800.
Graphic designer Kevin Almagro, 29, also does not mind taking the S-Pass route. The Filipino said a local firm is applying for an EP for him but added: “The human resource manager told me she indicated in the forms that the company is willing to let me join them on an S Pass if I don't get the EP.” Full story