Poor turnout at PAP’s first GE rally, PCF's kindergartens teacher: "I was told to attend the rally"

Yahoo! Singapore News, 29 Apr 2011
If the outcome for this General Election was based purely on rally attendances, the Opposition would win hands down.
An estimated 2,500 people, many of whom were hardcore party supporters, turned up for the People's Action Party's (PAP) first rally for the 2011 General Election at the field beside Buangkok MRT station on Thursday evening.
That figure pales in comparison to the rallies for the Worker's Party in Hougang (estimated 20,000), in Geylang East for National Solidarity Party (estimated 5,000), in Clementi stadium for Reform Party (estimated 4,000) and near Commonwealth MRT for Singapore Democratic Party (estimated 10,000). Full story
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