Tampines Junior College hiring English language private tutors for it's foreign scholars

Channelnewsasia Forum, 20 Mar 2013
The Govt procurement portal site, GeBiz, to confirm and found that, indeed, there were 2 tenders being called by Tampines Junior College to ask for English tutors to help its international scholars. Presumably, the English tuition will be offered free of charge to the foreign scholars and they don’t have to pay anything.
Both tenders were published on Mon (18 Mar) and will close next week on 26 Mar.
One of them is for hiring General Paper (GP) tutors for the foreign scholars [link]:
  1. http://www.tremeritus.org/wp-content...x81.jpg?9d7bd4
  2. http://www.tremeritus.org/wp-content...400.jpg?9d7bd4
  3. http://www.tremeritus.org/wp-content...397.jpg?9d7bd4
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JC hiring English tutors to help foreign scholars but not SG students - TR Emeritus

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