OPINION: PAP must also say no to 6 million

Singapore Democrats, 18 Feb 2013
Saturday 16 February 2013 marks the day when Singaporeans spoke plainly and loudly that they reject the Government's plans to increase our population to 6 million. The PAP seems not be paying heed.
It is important that Singaporeans who care about our nation and its future continue to pay attention to this issue. Saturday at Hong Lim Park was a good start but the message that we cannot afford 6.9, or even 6, million people must be even more widely spread.
The PAP is counting on the fact that by the time the next general elections roll around, this matter will be relegated to the back-burner. There is also credence to the view that the PAP is bolstering its electoral chances by liberally granting citizenship to foreigners with the thinking that the new immigrants are more likely to vote for the incumbent. Full story