PAP MP Baey Yam Keng weighs in on Sun Xu saga

"Although he didn't specifically mention Singaporeans, he just said "in Singapore". He didn't mention Singaporeans per se; it could have been an unpleasant experience which he had. I can imagine why people are unhappy, and it could be a result of the way young people write. They could be expressive in how they describe things, which someone who's older might not appreciate. And of course, the slang and the things he used is very Shanghainese. I think it's quite colloquial, likewise I think there are some young-speak which I don't understand. Even his comment about the dogs - it might not literally mean that, it might mean something else, even though it is definitely not something positive. He is a scholar, on Singapore govt's money, but I think we also need not jump to the conclusion to say that all foreign students on scholarship are like that, it could be minority who have the habit of posting things online. On the other hand, we have seen Singaporean scholars taken to task for having done things that are not appropriate. We have to accept that within every community, there will be some people who will ruin the reputation of their peers."

"I think first of all, these are behaviours that this gentleman has picked up. We need to reflect upon ourselves, are we the way they described? We should take this opportunity to reflect upon ourselves, but we should (also) be confident of ourselves. Even though some of us are like that, majority of Singaporeans are gracious, there are good people in Singapore."!/notes/baey-yam-keng/by-the-way-i-am-born-in-the-year-of-the-dog/10150598456754601
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