MM Lee Kuan Yew warned Aljunied voters: Vote for opposition and you will "pay a price the hard way"

Yahoo! Singapore News, 30 Apr 2011
Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew has warned Singaporeans, especially those in Aljunied GRC, they will "pay a price, the hard way" if they vote for the Opposition.
Speaking to reporters during a visit to Tampines on Friday night, MM Lee said, "If they (Aljunied voters) choose (the opposition), then I say, good luck to them. They have five years to ruminate and to regret what they did. And I have no doubts they will regret it." Full story

Emotions run high at SPP rally on Saturday 30 Apr

Yahoo! Singapore News, 30 Apr 2011

For one man in his 60s, it was just too much to bear.
Moments after the Singapore People's Party's (SPP) first General Election rally at Jurong West ended on Friday, he was so moved by secretary-general Chiam See Tong's speech that he began to tear.
The man cried as he shook Mr Chiam's hand and said, "I feel so happy for you that I am crying. I hope you win."
Others added more words of encouragement, including one who said, "We need more people like you."
Indeed, many in the estimated 1,200-strong crowd had come just from across the island -- some from as far as Woodlands --just to hear Singapore's longest-serving opposition MP speak. Full story

Workers' Party Chief: The GRC System Serves The PAP's Interest, Not The Voters

Yahoo! Singapore News, 30 Apr 2011
Workers' Party (WP) chief Low Thia Kiang has attacked the government's Group Representation Constituency (GRC) system, saying it serves the ruling party's self-interest, and not the voters.
As the battle for the hearts and minds of Aljunied GRC voters heats up, he told an estimated-30,000 crowd at Serangoon stadium on Friday, "There's nothing more against the spirit of democracy than the GRC." Full story

Singapore a hub for match fixers - FIFA security chief

Hindustan Times, 30 Apr 2011
An "academy of match-fixers" operating out of Singapore could be responsible for rigging matches around the world, FIFA's head of security Chris Eaton said in a newspaper interview on Saturday. Eaton, who worked for Interpol for more than a decade before joining world soccer's governing body, told
Singapore's The New Paper that a global investigation into match-fixing saw many of the lines of inquiry focused on the Southeast Asian city-state.
"Singapore seems to feature a great deal in these (match-fixing) allegations," Eaton said in the interview in Finland. Full story

Singapore a hub for match fixers - FIFA security chief - Yahoo! Eurosport UK
Singapore a hub for match fixers: FIFA security chief - The Malaysian Insider

Video: Excerpts of Charlie Rose's interview with MM Lee (Mar 2011)

Excerpts of Charlie Rose's interview with MM Lee Kuan Yew in Mar 2011

Political Discourse & Racial Politics

Price for prosperity & security

OPINION: 2011 election being fought on the net - Seah Chiang Nee

Malaysia Star, 30 Apr 2011
FOR years, cynical Singaporeans who disliked government-controlled news have been forming themselves into a sort of digital sub-community.
They often ignore what the government says about policies, preferring instead to talk to each other about them online, a sad development for the authorities.
Large numbers of these better-educated Singaporeans have long lived within this sub-culture where the government plays little or no part.
They turn away from government press releases or Singapore newspaper reports which they consider as propaganda. Full story

OPINION: Singapore’s rulers fighting like never before - Maxwell Coopers

Free Malaysia Today, 30 Apr 2011
For the first time, Singapore’s ruling Peoples’ Action Party (PAP) is seeing the fight of its life in the ongoing general election. At least that is what the general ground consensus appears to be or if the size of the people attending rallies held by political opposition parties, is a gauge by any means.
According to Yahoo news, some 15,000 people attended the rally held on April 28 by the opposition Workers Party (WP), the party bequeathed by its former secretary-general JB Jeyaretnam to the current sitting secretary-general, Low Thiang Kiang.
Another 5,000 attended a similar rally held by Kenneth Andrew Jeyaretnam, who is now helming the Reform Party, the political party the elder Jeyaretnam founded shortly before he died in 2008. Full story

Interview: Bangalore Mayor do not want Bangalore to be another Singapore or London

Deccan Herald, 30 Apr 2011
Q: Many people in the past have dreamed of turning Bangalore into a Shanghai, Beijing, Singapore, London and what not. What would you like Bangalore to be?
A: I want Bangalore to be Bangalore. It has its own identity, which should not be distorted.
Full interview

Video: WP's Low Thia Khiang at Serangoon Stadium on 29 Apr 2011

Youtube, 29 Apr 2011

Fresh opposition faces make their bow on party political broadcast

Yahoo! Singapore News, 29 Apr 2011

Four fresh opposition faces made their bow on national television during the Party Political broadcast aired on Channel NewsAsia on Thursday night.
The pre-recorded broadcast allowed a representative from each of the six major political parties contesting the General Elections to address a national audience on what the party stood for and its key messages (read full script here).
National Solidarity Party's Tony Tan Lay Thiam, Workers' Party's Pritam Singh, Singapore Democratic Party's Tan Jee Say and the Singapore Democratic Alliance's Harminder Pal Singh -- who have been working the ground but have so far remained out of the full glare of the media spotlight -- stepped up to the plate and delivered. Full story

Commentary: Ministry of Manpower, what is the jobless rate for Singapore citizens in Q1 2011?

In a statement released today ahead of the general election, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) produced a glowing report on Singapore's overall jobless rate falling to a seasonally adjusted rate of 1.9% in Q1 2011, the lowest level in three years. Residents' (Singaporeans + Permanent Residents) unemployment rate dipped slightly to 2.7%. [Link]

However, many Singaporeans are more keen for MOM to release the following details:
  • What is the jobless rate for Singapore citizens in Q1 2011 against past quarters?
  • How many Singaporeans were made redundant/ retrenched in Q1 2011 against past quarters?
  • Out of the 23,700 jobs added to the economy in Q1 2011, how many goes to Singaporean citizens?
The Manpower Ministry has all these data in their system. They should published them in order to show how the improved economy had benefited Singaporean workers. Refusal to reveal these information will only add to the growing suspicion that situation is not rosy for the island's citizens amid a growing economy.

Singapore’s Jobless Rate Drops to 3-Year Low as Growth Quickens - Bloomberg
Singapore's jobless rate falls to lowest level in three years - Monsters and Critics
Singapore Jobless Rate Falls More Than Forecast - RTTNews

VIDEO: Town council cleaner and a political party's election promotional materials

Youtube, 28 Apr 2011

Poor turnout at PAP’s first GE rally, PCF's kindergartens teacher: "I was told to attend the rally"

Yahoo! Singapore News, 29 Apr 2011
If the outcome for this General Election was based purely on rally attendances, the Opposition would win hands down.
An estimated 2,500 people, many of whom were hardcore party supporters, turned up for the People's Action Party's (PAP) first rally for the 2011 General Election at the field beside Buangkok MRT station on Thursday evening.
That figure pales in comparison to the rallies for the Worker's Party in Hougang (estimated 20,000), in Geylang East for National Solidarity Party (estimated 5,000), in Clementi stadium for Reform Party (estimated 4,000) and near Commonwealth MRT for Singapore Democratic Party (estimated 10,000). Full story

NSP's Nicole Seah wows the 5000-strong crowd in her first GE rally

Yahoo! Singapore News, 29 Apr 2011
Certainly, an estimated 5,000-strong crowd, made up slightly of more men than women, reserved their loudest cheers for this General Election's youngest candidate.
Seah, 24, who was the second-last candidate to speak, spoke about the rising cost of living during her 15-minute speech which she peppered with smatterings of Mandarin and Malay. Full story

NSP Chief Mourns Brother

Yahoo! Singapore News, 29 Apr 2011
National Solidarity Party secretary-general Goh Meng Seng has vowed to "soldier on" despite the sudden death of his elder brother due to a heart-attack.
David Goh Meng Hee, 56, died of a heart attack sometime on Thursday morning and was sent to the Changi General Hospital.
To fulfill his late brother’s last wish, Goh said he decided to “soldier on and press on despite my great grief in losing my brother”. Full story

PAP's Steve Tan refutes allegation of sexual harrassment

Yahoo! Singapore News, 29 Apr 2011
The People's Action Party candidate who dropped out of the elections at the last minute has dismissed online speculation about the reasons why he suddenly pulled out and says his "conscience is clear"..
Steven Tan Peng Hoe, who was expected to run in the Tampines Group Representation Constituency, withdrew his candidacy at the 11th hour late on Tuesday night, citing "personal reasons".
Rumours on internet forums said his decision could be down to harrassment issues when he was working at the National Trade Union Congress (NTUC) umbrella union. Allegations have been made against him by female former colleagues while letters have also reportedly been sent to the Prime Minister's Office. Full story

Singapore's top satirist, Lee Kin Mun, thrives in election season

SINGAPORE — As Singapore heads towards general elections on May 7, one of the most avidly followed individuals during the campaign is not even running for public office.
He is a blogger known as Mr Brown.
Singapore's most popular satirist -- Lee Kin Mun in real life -- pokes fun at public figures in the economically developed but politically conservative city-state ruled by the same party for 52 years. Full story

Top satirist thrives in election season - Malaysia Star

DBS says Indonesia stops banks from acquiring new wealthy customers for a month

Reuters, 29 Apr 2011
Reuters) - Indonesia's central bank has asked all banks to stop acquisition of new high net worth customers for a month starting May 2, which may affect business in the near-term, Singapore DBS CEO said on Friday. Full story

Mugabe's frequent trips to Singapore creates a storm in Zimbabwe, 29 Apr 2011
Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe and his wife Grace's health problems are now causing the country's Finance Minister Tendai Biti sleepless nights. Mr Mugabe and his wife returned home on Wednesday night from Singapore amid a storm over their excessive foreign trips.
Mr Mugabe had on Friday made his fifth trip to the Asian country since the beginning of the year for medical reasons. His wife reportedly left the country in March to seek treatment, which has been a subject of intense speculation in the past few months. Full story

Singapore’s Jobless Rate Drops to 3-Year Low as Growth Quickens

Bloomberg, 29 Apr 2011
Singapore’s unemployment rate fell to the lowest level in three years as employers expanded payrolls to meet demand for goods and services in an accelerating economy.
The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate fell to 1.9 percent in the three months through March from 2.2 percent the previous quarter, the Ministry of Manpower said in a statement today. That’s lower than the median estimate of nine economists surveyed by Bloomberg News for a rate of 2 percent. The economy added an estimated 23,700 jobs last quarter, it said. Full story

Singapore's jobless rate falls to lowest level in three years - Monsters and Critics
Singapore Jobless Rate Falls More Than Forecast - RTTNews
Commentary: Ministry of Manpower, what is the jobless rate for Singapore citizens in Q1 2011?

OPINION: 9 out of 10 Dislike Lim Biow Chuan's Facebook Trick - Willis Wee

Penn Olson, 29 Apr 2011
Remember “The Best Facebook Trick in Singapore General Election” post we wrote about? To find how people think about Mr. Lim Biow Chuan’s Facebook gimmick, we inserted a simple Google Doc poll to let readers do a vote. The response was great with over 500 votes in the last five days. Turned out, most readers hated the Facebook Trick: 69% voted ‘I hate it’ and 19.9% voted ‘I don’t like it.’ In other words, almost 9 out of 10 dislike the Facebook trick.
It is yet another sign of social media struggle from the PAP. Also note that this Facebook gimmick was rolled out by Mr. Lim’s new media team. Full story

DBS posts record profit in Q1 as fees, trading income surges

Reuters, 29 Apr 2011
SINGAPORE, April 29 (Reuters) - DBS , Southeast Asia's biggest lender, posted a record quarterly profit for the first three months of 2011, beating expectations on falling bad-debt charges, strong investment banking fees and a surge in trading income.
This is the third straight quarter that DBS has posted better-than-expected earnings, signalling a turnaround in its business despite low interest rates, which has hurt Singapore's biggest bank in the past because of its struggle to deploy its large deposit base profitably. Full story

DBS Group First-Quarter Profit Climbs 52% on Loans, Fees - BusinessWeek

Singapore NGO hands relief goods in Mindanao, 29 Apr 2011
COTABATO CITY, Philippines - Mabuhay Club Singapore has joined hands with local groups to distribute relief goods to families affected by floods in Cotabato City and Maguindanao.
Members of the group, along with the Cotabato Motorcycle Canari Inc., the Muslim Youth Union of the Philippines, the Cotabato Inter Communal Initiative, and the United Voice for Peace Network, started distributing goods at Bulalo Dos, Baranggay Salimbao, Sultan Kudarat. Full story

Low Interest Rates May Be Masking Singapore Debt Bubble: Economist, 28 Apr 2011
Fed chief Ben Bernanke's pledge to keep interest rates low for an extended period may have cheered the stock markets but one economist cautions it may be fueling a property bubble in Singapore.
Singapore property rises rose 17 percent last year after a 25 percent decline during the recession in 2009. Analysts are growing increasingly worried about property prices and the government has tried repeatedly to cool the sector.
"For now, the party is on, everybody is enjoying it, it's only when the party is over (that) you have a hangover tomorrow morning," Jimmy Koh, Executive Director & Head of Research at UOB told CNBC on Thursday. Full story

OPINION: Singapore requires a credible alternative - R Kengadharan

Free Malaysia Today, 28 Apr 2011
Since 1959 Singaporean politics has been dominated by the People’s Action Party (PAP) which has been in government. Singapore was expelled from the federation in 1965 after Lee Kuan Yew’s disagreements with the Federal Government in Kuala Lumpur.
The Workers Party of Singapore and the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) concurred that Singapore is a de facto one party state.
The Economist Intelligence Unit classes Singapore as a ‘hybrid’ country with authoritarian and democratic elements whereas Freedom House does not consider Singapore an ‘electoral democracy’ and ranks the country as ‘partly free’. Full story

Singapore’s Legal Firm Employee Admits Insider Trading, 28 Apr 2011
INGAPORE, April 28 (Bernama) -- The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has taken civil penalty enforcement action against an employee of legal firm Shook Lin & Bok LLP for contravening the insider trading provision under Section 218(2)(a) of the Securities and Futures Act (SFA).
In a statement Thursday, MAS said the employee, Song Qing, had on June 26 and July 8, 2008, purchased 40,000 Bright World Precision Machinery Ltd shares when he was in possession of non-public price sensitive information concerning China Holdings Acquisition Corp's voluntary conditional offer. Full story

Singapore’s MAS Fines Law Firm Employee for Insider Trading - Bloomberg

OPINION: Political awakening of a 20-year-old Singaporean - Loh Peiying, 28 Apr 2011
I am 20 and I cannot vote.
To be honest, I was never really bothered with politics. I had a father who was very political but that was as far as it went. He would always nag at me for being so apathetic. Like everyone my age, there are more fun things I could do with my life. I can watch Glee, spend hours painting my nails or queue for a cup of bubble tea from KOI. I lead a comfortable life, I have a spot in the university… what more could I ask for. Why should I even care?
At my age, few care about politics. Exams are stressful enough. But now I’m tweeting and sharing political news almost 24/7 like nobody’s business.
What sparked off this interest in politics? Nothing much really. Perhap it was boredom during lectures at University. I made a radical decision to ‘like’ The Online Citizen on Facebook which has been updating me daily with alternative news. All this information merely compounded what I already knew from my father. Full story

WP's Chief Low Thia Khiang: Why I’m contesting in Aljunied GRC

Yahoo! Singapore News, 28 Apr 2011
Workers' Party (WP) secretary-general Low Thia Khiang says his decision to move out from Hougang was made "quite long ago".
Speaking at a press conference after Nomination Day, Low revealed that he was even more determined to move to Aljunied after the gerrymandering of the People's Action Party (PAP), where changes were made to the electoral boundaries and some of their 29,000 supporters were moved to Ang Mo Kio and Pasir Ris-Punggol GRCs.
He added that the decision to contest in Aljunied is a calculated risk and it is a risk they are taking "for Singapore".
Using a Mandarin proverb, Low said, "You know that there's a tiger in the mountain, and yet you still move there. So now we are taking this challenge and believe that voters will make the right choice." Full story

Dr Vivian: Let’s not talk about the gay video anymore

Yahoo! Singapore News, 28 Apr 2011

Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports Dr Vivian Balakrishnan has called for a truce.
Speaking to the media on Wednesday, the Minister said there is "no need" to further discuss a video which shows Singapore Democratic Party's (SDP) candidate, Dr Vincent Wijeysingha, attending a forum which discussed on gay rights.
Dr Balakrishnan, who will contest the Holland-Bukit Timah against the SDP team led by Dr Wijeysingha, said that he was satisfied with the SDP's video response to his earlier concerns about a possible "gay agenda" should SDP be voted into Parliament. Full story

OPINION: Storm brewing over Aljunied GRC - Cherian George

Yahoo! Singapore News, 28 Apr 2011

As the Workers' Party A-team addressed their ecstatic supporters from an upper floor of Deyi Secondary this afternoon, a nondescript sign below them read "LIGHTNING RISK ALERT". It spoke more eloquently than the lightning-logo flags and placards wielded by hundreds of PAP supporters, of the storm brewing over Aljunied GRC.
You can bet that the ruling party will throw everything in its formidable arsenal at Low Thia Khiang and company. Equally, though, the raucous heckling that greeted every PAP candidate — even when Zainul Abidin Rasheed cheered "Majulah Singapura!" to try to shame WP supporters into gentlemanly conduct — suggests that the WP isn't about to be intimidated. Full story

OPINION: Young candidates of substance - SHAHANAAZ HABIB

Malaysia Star, 28 Apr 2011
“Looks are just something on the surface. I think the electorate is more discerning than that. They want to know your stand on policies.
“I think that is what the electorate is looking for. They are not looking for a pretty face to lead the country.
“They are looking for someone who can give them hope, who can promise them change and who can tell them this is your hands' and you have the ownership of how you want to steer the country forward',” said Seah, who is the youngest candidate to stand in the May 7 election and currently Singapore's second most popular politician on Facebook. Full story

Singapore, the model of a low carbon, ICT-driven economy, 28 Apr 2011
On 31 March, the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore and other government agencies hosted a green data centre forum. The event attracted information communications technology (ICT) professionals from around the world, with topics including data centre energy efficiency and modernisation, and, most groundbreaking, discussions about the development of required standards for green data centres. Full story

OPINION: Minister Liu's 'town hall' visit to condo disappoints - Mr Miyagi 27 Apr 2011
I received a letter on Friday, 15 April 2011, from our condominium management. I thought it was probably about them fogging the place again and reminding us to close our windows.
The last time they fogged without telling us, some of us chucked a fit and said they should always tell us when something's going down.
It wasn't about fogging that the letter was trying to tell the residents of our small condo, but the impending visit of one of our Members of Parliament (MPs), the Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts, Rear Admiral Lui Tuck Yew. Full story

120 senior chinese officials get $500,000 funding from Temasek for training at NTU, 27 Apr 2011
SINGAPORE, April 27 (Bernama) -- Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and the Temasek Foundation (TF) yesterday launched the "Training-of-Trainers" leadership executive programme for senior officials from Jiangsu, China.
The first batch of over 40 high-ranking leaders and trainers will undergo the one-week residential training programme at NTU from April 26 to May 3, 2011.
With a funding of S$500,000 from Temasek Foundation, the training programme will benefit a total of 120 senior officials from the Academy for Public Administration under the State Council of Jiangsu province. Full story

OPINION: Singapore Election Upset? - Jon Russell

Asia Sentinel, 27 Apr 2011
In anticipation of its toughest election for decades, the ruling PAP put forward Tin Pei Ling, a 27-year-old election candidate whose campaign used YouTube and Facebook, alongside her youth, to appeal to younger audiences who, many as first time voters, are seen as the most unpredictable demographic.
As Matt Crooks points out however Miss Ling suffers from a real lack of substance and meaning: "The plan has backfired somewhat because, let's face it, Tin Pei Ling is not a politician. She doesn't deserve to be in the position she is. Good intentions and being nice aren't the kind of qualities that would usually win seats in a country's parliament, but Singapore is clearly no ordinary country. Perhaps slightly disturbed by the criticism being leveled at her, Tin Pei Ling has come out and said she takes her criticism "seriously and humbly". Yawn. She has also reiterated that she can empathize with all Singaporeans. Double yawn." Full story

Singapore ruling party faces spirited polls challenge

Sin Chew Jit Poh, 27 Apr 2011
SINGAPORE, April 27, 2011 (AFP) - The campaign for Singapore's May 7 parliamentary elections began Wednesday with the opposition hoping for unprecedented gains amid voter gripes over living costs and foreign workers.
Six smaller parties are fielding candidates including former civil servants and PAP activists disenchanted with the government led since 2004 by Lee's son, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.
Despite leading Singapore out of a recession in 2009 to a record economic growth of 14.5 percent last year, the PAP is grappling with voter complaints over concerns including rising inflation and competition for jobs from foreign workers. Full story

Singapore Vote Nominations Close; Opposition Widens Fight - BusinessWeek
Singapore opposition to contest 82 of 87 parliament seats, most since independence - The Canadian Press
Singapore Ruling Party Faces Biggest Election Contest in Decades -
Singapore ruling party expected to face biggest election contest in decades - People's Daily Online
Singapore opposition to contest 82 of 87 seats (AP)- Bayoubuzz News
Prime Minister Lee To Face Second General Election -
Singapore poised for unusual poll - The Hindu
Singapore starts polls campaign - Malaysia Star

Singapore’s Lee unopposed, but PAP faces challenge

The Malaysian Insider, 27 Apr 2011
SINGAPORE, April 27 – Lee Kuan Yew, the founder of modern Singapore, was returned unopposed to parliament today, but his long-ruling People’s Action Party (PAP) faces its toughest ever challenge at the polls from the city-state’s tiny opposition.
Eighty-two of the 87 seats in parliament will be contested in the general election on May 7, state media reported after nominations closed, the highest number ever. The only exception was the 5-seat constituency where Lee and four other PAP candidates were declared elected unopposed. Full story

Singapore's Lee re-elected MP uncontested - AFP
Singapore Election Official: Lee Kuan Yew Returned To Parliament Uncontested - Nasdaq
Singapore's Lee unopposed, but party faces challenge - Reuters India
Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew Re-Elected MP Uncontested - Jakarta Globe
Singapore's Lee re-elected MP uncontested - Tehran Times
LKY retains Tanjong Pagar seat uncontested - Malaysia Star

Singapore MAS: Inflation To Ease As Tightening Measures Filter Through

Automated Trader, 27 Apr 2011
SINGAPORE -(Dow Jones)- Previous rounds of monetary tightening by the Monetary Authority of Singapore will filter through the economy throughout the year and help anchor inflationary expectations, the central bank said in a report Wednesday.
Singapore's consumer price inflation is currently running near a two-year high due to a combination of rising global food and fuel prices and local policies that have boosted the costs of cars and labor inputs. Full story

Singapore central bank expects inflation to ease - MarketWatch

Chen Show Mao - the next popular politician on Facebook

Penn Olson, 27 Apr 2011

Just one day after creating his Facebook page, Singapore’s Workers’ Party’s (WP) star catch, Chen Show Mao, received more than 5,800 ‘likes’.
If the pace of ‘likes’ increases with momentum like how Nicole Seah did within a week, Chen’s Facebook page may just hit the high of 10,000 – 20,000 ‘likes’ and he could possibly be Singapore’s next most popular politician on Facebook.
For the benefit of the non-Singaporean readers, Chen is a Beijing-based Singaporean who is a recipient of the Rhodes Scholarship. He came to Singapore from Taiwan at the age of 11 in 1972 and became a citizen after serving National Service (NS) as a platoon commander and staff officer. Full story

Family of death row inmate in Singapore to submit clemency plea to President Nathan

People's Daily Online, 27 Apr 2011
The family of a Malaysian death row inmate in Singapore said they would submit a clemency plea to Singapore president SR Nathan on Wednesday in another attempt to seek for a sentence reduction.
The 28-year-old Cheong Chun Yin was convicted of trafficking 7. 7 grams of diamorphine into Singapore in 2008. Full story

Relaxed sovereign fund rules will benefit only Singapore govt

The Economic Times, 27 Apr 2011
MUMBAI: The Singapore government, which runs sovereign funds Temasek Holdings and the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation or GIC, will be the sole beneficiary of a recent relaxation in takeover rules for sovereign funds, said a person familiar with the Sebi board's decision.
Other funds from countries such as China, Oman and Malaysia will not be entitled to such benefits, said the person who did not want to be identified. Both these sovereign funds from Singapore will be allowed to acquire up to 20% stake in a listed Indian company without having to make an open offer to existing public shareholders. Full story

Should sovereign wealth funds enjoy a higher open offer threshold? - Business Standard

Smuggler used Air India employees as carriers of expensive cameras from Singapore

Hindustan Times, 27 Apr 2011
Sources said Malhotra used to save over R1 lakh per camera as there are heavy duties on high value cameras. In return, their stay in Singapore was allegedly sponsored by Malhotra. They also got commission for the cameras they got, sources said.
"Malhotra owns a camera shop in Rajouri Garden. By using AI employee as a carrier, he was not only saving ticket cost but also exiting from the airport easily," he added Full story

SingTel injects more money in OpenNet, 27 Apr 2011
Singapore Telecommunications (SingTel) has subscribed for more shares in national fibre network operator OpenNet. SingTel's wholly-owned subsidiary, SingTel Interactive, has subscribed for and has been allotted 6 million shares in the capital of OpenNet at a subscription price of SGD 1.00 per share, which was arrived at taking into account the working capital requirements of OpenNet. The remaining shares in the capital of OpenNet are held by Axia NGNetworks Asia, SPH Net, and SPT Net. Following the subscription, SingTel Interactive's shareholding in OpenNet remains at approximately 30 percent. Link

Libya rebel oil cargo to arrive in Singapore on Thursday

Reuters Africa, 27 Apr 2011
SINGAPORE, April 27 (Reuters) - The first oil tanker from rebel-held east Libya is expected to arrive in Singapore on Thursday, transporting 80,000 tonnes of crude oil, the port authority said.
The Liberia-registered tanker Equator left the rebel-held east Libyan port of Marsa el Hariga three weeks ago, carrying cargo vital to financing the uprising against Muammar Gaddafi.
"The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore has received pre-approval notification that the tanker Equator will be calling at the Port of Singapore on April 28," said an agency spokeswoman. Full story

Zimbabwean President Mugabe Back In Singapore for Fifth Time in Four Months

Voice Of America, 26 Apr 2011
Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has traveled to Singapore for the fifth time in four months with officials in Harare explaining that he returned to escort his ailing wife Grace home though some observers believe he made the trip for his own medical treatment.
Zimbabwe news reports said Mr. Mugabe flew out of Harare on Friday to collect his wife, He dropped her off in Singapore in mid-April, then returned to Harare. Full story

The Lee Kuan Yew World City Prize accepting nominations, 25 Apr 2011
The Lee Kuan Yew World City Prize is a biennial international award to recognize individuals and organizations that have made outstanding contributions to the creation of vibrant, liveable and sustainable urban communities around the world. It seeks to recognize individuals and organizations responsible for urban initiatives that display foresight, good governance or innovation in tackling the many urban challenges faced by cities. These urban initiatives can include (but are not limited to) urban planning projects, urban policies and programs, urban management, as well as applied technology in urban solutions. Full story

Singapore has no effect on Macau: Leven

Macau Daily Times, 27 Apr 2011
One year after the opening of Marina Bay Sands, it’s clear that Singapore has not stolen business from Macau’s gaming industry, Las Vegas Sands (LVS) chief operating officer Michael Leven said.
In a podcast interview, he said a supposed cannibalisation of the two gaming cities “is really a ridiculous concept” because “the Chinese player’s market in VIP gaming is enormous”. Full story

OPINION: My brief take on the 377A Penal Code - Nicole Seah

Facebook, 26 Apr 2011
A number of people have asked me about my stand on Penal Code 377A which criminalises homosexuality, because of the current situation with Vincent SDP.
My personal take on this is very clear. But it is not in line with many parties' stances apart from SDP, because it is a touchy topic. Singaporeans should ask themselves this - Regardless of whether you are homophobic or otherwise, do you think it is right to say that these people have committed a crime, being who they are? Do you think that we need a law to cast a darker shadow over the way they live, in ADDITION to the current stigma that is already prevalent throughout society?
Many have argued that passing such a law will dilute the nuclear family unit. As I mentioned before, reality is not as simple as rhetoric. Item A will give you Item B in a mathematics formula, but reality is such that there are so many other factors at play.
Think about it.
So what is eroding the fabric of society? Is 377A even as big a problem as it is made out to be?
Single mums not being entitled to benefits that nuclear family units have, which may partially contribute to hindering their child's upward mobility in comparison to kids who grow up with better resources. Low-income families, having to wait for 8 months before getting a rental flat in Dakota Crescent, because there is no space and flats originally set aside for low-income families are being leased out to foreigners at a $1500 profit. Exorbitant housing prices, which are deterring young couples from settling down. Bureaucratic red tape and demand outstripping supply that makes it frustrating for young couples to apply for a flat to settle down. I personally know of a couple who had to go through 7 rounds of rejection before getting a flat.
Whether you are a diehard supporter of the current Penal code, or if you buy into the argument that repealing this code will have a direct causal effect to erode the fabric of society, do take some time to think about what you have observed around you as a Singaporean over the past few years.

Straits Times' iPhone election app receives the thumb-down from users, 26 Apr 2011
Hit iPhone election app gets some nasty reviews

Full story

Overseas Buyers Drive Singapore's Prime Property Prices Up in Q1, 26 Apr 2011
Residential property buyers from mainland China are helping to push real estate values in Singapore to new market highs, according to the latest figures.
Jones Lang LaSalle has reported significant increases in the price of mass market private apartments in the first quarter of the year, with the average cost of a home now standing at SD 1,935 per square foot in prime areas. The consultancy noted that the prime market continues to be dominated by foreign buyers. Full Story

Facebook, YouTube the new battlegrounds in Singapore elections

Reuters, 26 Apr 2011
As Singapore gears up for elections on May 7, no one is sure how social media like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter will affect the outcome. What is clear is these outlets are sharply different to the pro-government local newspapers and TV.
"What used to be mere coffee shop talk can now enter the public discourse, for better or worse," says Cherian George, associate journalism professor at Nanyang Technological University.
"Whether it will have any impact and to whose benefit is anyone's guess." Full story

Facebook, YouTube the new battlegrounds in Singapore elections - The Malaysian Insider

S'pore slow to grab mobile opportunities

ZDNet Asia, 26 Apr 2011
In a phone interview with ZDNet Asia, James Fergusson, managing director of global technology sector at market research company TNS, said local and overseas businesses as well as organizations targeting the Singapore market are slow to jump on the mobile Internet bandwagon despite high mobile penetration in the island-state.
While mobile Internet is gaining traction among consumers in Singapore, businesses have yet to catch on because of the high speed at which devices have evolved, explained Fergusson. Full story